VisiVite AREDS 2 E-Free Blue Formula

Doctors are sometimes concerned about the high doses of Vitamin E found in eye vitamins for their patients who take anticoagulants. Therefore, Dr. Paul Krawitz and Vitamin Science devised the world’s first and only high dose eye vitamin for macular degeneration protection in those patients.

VisiVite AREDS2 E-Free Blue Eye Vitamin Formula is based on AREDS and promotes maximum ocular nutrition with 20mg FloraGLO brand Lutein, 4.75 mg Omnixan brand Zeaxanthin and highly concentrated Anti-Oxidant Vitamins, Zinc, and Bilberry.

VisiVite AREDS2 E-Free Blue Eye Vitamin Formula is the most powerful macular degeneration supplement available for patients that prefer to avoid high doses of Vitamin E either because of anticoagulation therapy or other reasons. It contains no Beta-carotene and is therefore safe for smokers and former smokers.  Requires only two capsules per day.

Benefits of VisiVite AREDS 2 E-Free Blue

Five of the six ingredients of AREDS2, but without Vitamin E

Many additional antioxidants, including 20 mg lutein and 4.75 mg zeaxanthin

For people taking anticoagulation therapy

VisiVite AREDS 2 E-Free Blue is a Premium Antioxidant Formula for people taking anticoagulation medications.

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